On November 20, 2020 we gathered on twitter to discuss English Language Teaching resources with Diane Ramanathan. Diane is the Tutela outreach coordinator as well as a @LINCHomeStudy instructor and TESL professor at @AlgonquinCollege.  In her free time she can be seen in Ottawa paddling up the Rideau with a merry band of friends. You can connect with Diane via Twitter (@ram_diane).

These questions guided our 1-hour long chat:

1- What is your favourite source for online learning materials?

2- What is your go to place to source for workplace materials?

3- How would you rate your knowledge of copyright?

4- What materials are you using to teach about COVID?

5- What types of resources do you have difficulty finding?

#teslONchat’s Evening Highlights 

The major highlights of the chat were the many resources shared by both Diane and by participants. 

You can read the November 20, 2020 #teslONchat here

Resources shared throughout the chat

Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English World News Materials – ESL

BBC Learning English

ELLO – English Listening Lesson Library Online

Copyright Matters from Council of Ministers of Education, Canada  

Creative Commons – About The Licenses

The Refugee Inside Me Tik Tok – by Midean Ismail 

@refugee613 Resources for Newcomers

Live and Learn

H5P resources on Tutela

Comprehending Instructions (Thawing a Turkey) on Tutela

Defunding the Police? Listening Assessment CLB 4 or 5 on Tutela

COVID-19 Resources on Tutela

Pragmatics for Business on Tutela from Norquest 

LINC Works CLB 3 Part 1 on Tutela

LINC Works CLB 5 Part 1 on Tutela

Car Insurance Module CLB 4-6 on Tutela

Join Us

 #teslONchat will be hosted on our Twitter page once a month. If you’re interested in sharing your passion or expertise in a specific topic please reach out to us on Twitter – @TESLOntario. 

Join us on December 11, 2020 at 7pm ET to discuss Instructional Design with Anna Bartosik – @ambartosik

This summary post was written by Vanessa Nino, manager of TESL Ontario’s Twitter. Find Vanessa tweeting over @vnino23. Short Biography provided by Diane. 

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