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Popular American Slang That People Love to Use

Popular American Slang That People Love to Use

ABOUT THE LESSON 📚 Learning American slang is a great way to better understand the English you hear on TV, in movies, and on the streets of America. #AmericanSlang #InteractiveEnglish ————————– PATREON 🎉 http://bit.ly/Patreon_InteractiveEnglish SECRET FLUENCY LESSON 👉 http://bit.ly/Secret_Lesson ————————– LINKS TO PRACTICE & IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH ✅ Improve Your Listening w/ Audiobooks. FREE TRAIL! […]

Australian Slang | Vocabulary and Common Expressions

Australian Slang | Real Life English! | Vocabulary and Common Expressions

Learning the slang vocabulary used by any native English speakers is a challenge… And Australian slang is no exception! In this lesson, I’ll introduce you to a few Australians who will share a few common, Australian expressions! We’ll cover: Chuck a sickie Ace / ripper She’ll be right, (mate)! A tradie, chippy, sparky and brickie […]