TEST Your English Vocabulary! Do you know these 15 advanced words?

Test your English vocabulary skills! Do you know these 15 advanced English words? Don’t hinder your English growth, assimilate these words into your daily conversation!

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1:10 👉Collaborate: to work together
2:20 👉Optimum: the best
3:08 👉Resilient: quickly recover from difficult situations
4:04 👉Scoff: to make fun of (with noise)
5:13 👉Retrospect: to look back with wisdom
6:29 👉Ambiguous: not certain
7:17 👉Hinder: to stop or prevent
8:10 👉Assimilate: to become similar
9:23 👉Nonchalant: not caring; cool
10:14 👉Rejuvenate: to feel alive again
11:02 👉Oblivious: to not realize
12:06 👉Ostracize: to ignore or push someone away
12:52 👉Spur of the moment: spontaneous
13:36 👉Slouch: to not sit up straight
14:46 👉Plausible: sounds like it might be true; possible but not likely


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