At my most recent live stream on Hallo, I learned that one of my faithful subscribers is now at a special COVID-19 center in his country in order to isolate himself. He lost his sense of smell, and soon after he tested positive. His family must also quarantine now. He actually hopped on camera to talk about his experience and show us his living conditions. He was able to have a smile on his face and talk about the care he receives from the volunteers. On some nights, they play live music to keep up everyone’s spirits.

This kind of story warms the heart and reminds us that no matter what, we could be facing a bigger challenge on this very day. I’m thankful for my family’s health, and I look forward to having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in our home on Thursday.

Teaching and learning give us something else to focus on other than the craziness of 2020. Nevertheless, sharing some of our personal challenges can create a stronger sense of community, and as a result, learning is more positive because there’s mutual caring. I had to open up about an upcoming surgery, and I explained in a YouTube live stream that it’s actually going to be the second surgery for the same issue. My Patulous Eustachian Tube is sending me back to the operating room on November 30. My live stream was partly an announcement that I’ll need to reduce my online activity for at least a couple of days. The outpouring of support has been encouraging, and I feel gratitude for the hope that students’ words give me.

And so, I wish you all hope as well. Hope and appreciation. Let’s hope that with each coming month, we’re one step closer to normalcy. I greatly appreciate the fact that I’ve been able to remain professionally active through 2020, and that’s in part to you, my readers. Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you to Pearson for making this learning space possible.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope to return with a regular post on December 4.

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