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We have huge, exciting news in this podcast for you!

In addition to that, in this episode you will learn some of the best TV series to learn British English!


  • Meet the new cohost!
  • Food/Nutrition
  • Learning Languages
  • Books
  • Series
  • Movies

Words You’ll Learn:

  • To be put on the hot seat: all eyes are on you
  • Shift gears: to change subjects
  • Stringy: big, sticky lines (like the the cheese on pizza in cartoons)
  • Something isn’t your cup of tea: expression used to describe something that you dislike
  • Slapstick comedy: style of humor that involves exaggerated physical activity
  • Crass: lacking in sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence
  • Witty: someone that’s very quick when making a joke; well thought out, intelligent
  • Posh: elegant or stylish

Also some differences between American and British:

  • Humor (obvious vs. sarcasm).
  • Words/pronunciation:
    • Aubergine vs. eggplant
    • Jelly vs. Jello
    • Tomatoes vs. tomatoes
  • Received pronunciation, “the Queen’s English”.

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