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The best way to learn English through movies.

00:00 Hi everyone.
00:30 Keywords:
– hold (v)
Can I hold the baby? He’s so cute!
– bag (v)
Margo put all of this books in a bag.
– diaper (n)
Please change the baby’s diaper. It is wet.
– project (n)
Let’s work on this project together. Then we can finish it soon.
– responsibility (n)
Jeff is the boss. He has a lot of responsibilities.
01:37 Let’s say these keywords together again:
01:42 – hold (v)
01:47 – bag (v)
01:52 – diaper (n)
01:57 – project (n)
02:02 – responsibility (n)
02:08 The mission of the day is:
Who is Al’s mom?
02:53 Small Town. Part 1.
– Sara is at home.
– She is holding a bad of flour.
– She sings to the flour.
– Then she rocks the flour a little.
– Sara smiles.
– She puts the bag of flour on a table.
– Then she takes out a diaper.
– Sara puts the diaper on her bag of flour.
03:21 Study the keywords:
03:50 – hold (v)
04:32 – bag (n)
05:20 – diaper (n)
05:54 Small Town. Part 2.
Guys – Hi, Sara.
S. – Hi, guys.
M. – Sara, why are you putting a diaper on a of flour?
S. – Max, meet your nephew, Al.
M. – My…nephew?
S. – Yes! He’s my school project. Al is my baby. And I am his mom.
B. – Oh, I remember the flour baby project.
You take the baby everywhere with you. Flour babies are not fun.
S. – Yes, they are. I am exited about this project.
06:37 Study the keyword: – project (n)
08:20 The answer to today’s mission is:
Sara is Al’s mom.
08:37 Small Town. Part 3.
M. – Babies are a big responsibility.
S. – I know. I’m ready.
B. – You say that now. Wait until the end of the week.
M. – Ben, stop. Let her be excited.
B. – OK. Sorry.
M. – So, Sara. Is your son hungry? I can cook dinner for him.
S. – Max! He’s not a real baby. He can’t eat.
M. – OK. I’m just checking.
09:08 Study the keyword:
10:00 – responsibility (n)
10:40 Word Power:
turtle, hamster, kitten, pupyy,fish.
12:31 Conversation Replay
14:15 Calendar Phrase:
Do you need anything?
Girl. I’m going down to the store. Do you need anything?
Boy. Yes, I need some juice.
Girl. What kind of juice?
Boy. Can you buy me some apple juice?
Girl. Sure! Do you need anything else?
Boy. Hmm. Yes, I need some cookies.
Girl. OK. Do you need anything else?
Boy. Yes, actually, I need a new car.
Girl. What!?
Boy. Just kidding! Just get me some juice and cookies,please!
15:47 Question of the day:
Do you like babies? Why? or Why not?

– hold (v)
– bag (v)
– diaper (n)
– project (n)
– responsibility (n)

Repeat a lot
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