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✍️ Best English speaking courses in Pune.

Simple present tense:

Simple past tense:

Simple future tense:

All continuous tenses:

Difference between simple past and past perfect

All tenses in English grammar

How to use may, maybe, may be:

Prepostions Part 1:

WH questions part 1:

WH questions part 2:

Difference between Within/in/into/inside :

Uses of Would :

Conversation at bank:

English बोलण्यासाठी Grammar गरजेचेआहे का?

How to use ‘Used to’

Articles a/an/the Part 1:

Articles a/an/the Part 2:

Using s or es for verbs in simple present or plural nouns/words

Uses of Infinitives (To + verb):

Pronouns in English:

Nouns in English:

Types of sentences:

Difference between in and into:

Types of verbs:

This, That, These, Those

Can, could, could have

Should, should have

Do, does, did

How to use don’t, doesn’t, didn’t:

Common mistakes we do while speaking: ➡

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