The best way to learn English – Part 6 : How many words do you need to know?

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This is the 6th video in the series “The best way to learn English”.

How much vocabulary do you need to learn to speak English? How many words are enough? How long will it take to learn them? In this video, I calculate how much time it will take for the average person to learn enough words to speak and understand English!

**** This is a re-shoot. I made a mistake in the original video and I wanted to fix it. The mistake was in the calculation of the total number of hours. I said it was 5000 hours but it’s actually 500 hours! If you’ve seen the original video, the content is almost exactly the same except for that calculation. Sorry for the trouble! ****

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This lesson is all in slow and easy English to make it easy for you to follow and understand.

Listening to a lot of English is necessary to improve your speaking but regular TV and movies are too fast and difficult for many students.

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