The Hindu Editorial Today (St. Ptt. Consensus) ।। Learn English from the Newspaper।। 10 June 2019, read word by word with us in Hindi

In the video you’ll learn the basic technique of reading and understanding The Hindu Editorial with word by word comprehension. The video provides you with a thorough The Hindu editorial analysis in Hindi & English and enables you to read the Hindu newspaper with confidence and ease. Basically the video provides you a tutorial on “‘How to read an english newspaper”.
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YeT: “Your English Tutor” attempts to help competitive exam aspirants as well as people from all walks of life to step up their verbal as well as written English skills. Channel is focused on breaking the “myth” that English is a very difficult language to learn and people with non English background can not write, speak and understand the language at par with native speakers.

Aman Behl is a working professional and former Tutor of Mathematics & English. Being a student from a “Non-English” background himself, with the help of the channel, Aman wants to connect to the larger community of Competitive Exam Aspirants and guide them through with the experience, he has accrued in the field over the years.

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