The Lingoda Marathon (now Sprint) is one of the boldest promotions available for language learning: Complete 90 days of one hour online lessons with a native teacher in your target language, and get a 100% refund. But is it worth it? What’s the catch? Find out in this review from someone who has actually done it.

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I took the Lingoda Marathon in Spanish at a C1 level and received my C1 CEFR certificate. I didn’t miss one day. In this video, I give you my complete and honest review of how it went, along with some tips and tricks to help you successfully complete the Lingoda Language Sprint promotion.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – The Lingoda Marathon: An Honest Review
2:49 – The Interface
4:52 – The Teachers
6:58 – The Class Material
8:20 – Tips for Success
12:45 – What Could Be Better
14:28 – My Reflections

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