Below you will find examples of every verb tense in the passive voice. Some of these are so rare that we never use them. These are noted.

Simple Present

Spanish is spoken around the world

New species are discovered all the time.

Simple Past

Some money was found on Second Street.

The mosque was erected in 1873.

Simple Future

The old hospital will be demolished next month.

If it rains the concert will be cancelled.

Present Continuous

My car is being fixed.

Other options are being explored.

Past Continuous

The house was being painted so we couldn’t touch anything.

Many new hoems were being built at the time.

Future Continuous

I think a cure for cancer will have been developed by 2030.

This form is very unusual and awkward.

Present Perfect

The children have been given their dinner.

A decision has been made.

Past Perfect

She had been given a number of options already.

We had been told that the train would be there soon.

Future Perfect

By the end of this year, over a million lives will have been saved thanks to your donations.

*This form is very unusual and awkward.

Present Perfect Continuous

I have been getting sent from one doctor to the next all day long!

*This form is very unusual and awkward.

Past Perfect Continuous

We learned that we had been getting told the wrong information all year.

*This form is very unusual and awkward.

Future Perfect Continuous

This time tomorrow, the we will be getting driven to the airport.

*This form is very unusual and awkward.

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