Threw-through or thorough

Threw-through or thorough

English On The Go: Threw, through or thorough

What’s the difference between threw, through and thorough? If you’re thrown off by how to spell and use threw, through and thorough correctly, we take a thorough look in this video.

1. Watch the video

  1. Watch the video without captions to test your listening.
  2. Then watch it with captions to check your understanding.

You can switch on and off the captions in the video for this activity.

2. Activity

After the video, complete the following activity.

Fill in the blanks with threw, through and thorough.
1. He ___________________ the ball at his team mate.
2. I’m very _______________ and careful in my work.
3. She’s gone ___________________ the whole report.
4.I ________________ mum a surprise 60th party.
5. They were ___________ while negotiating with the agent.


In today’s English On The Go lesson, what’s the difference between threw, through and thorough?
Threw is the past tense of throw.
To throw something can mean to make something move through the air forcefully.
She threw the ball at me.
He threw the bag away.
It can also mean to organise a social event.
She threw a party for my birthday.
A number of phrasal verbs and idioms have throw in them.
The past forms of these have threw in them.
Throw up
Throw off
Throw out
Throw down a gauntlet
Throw caution to the wind
Throw in the towel
Through has a few meanings too.
Through can mean moving in and out while surrounded by something.
He went through the tunnel.
It can also mean as a result of.
She won the top prize through sheer hard work.
You might come across through as being spelt t-h-r-u.
But ‘thru’ is a shortened version and it’s often used in informal settings.
Thorough can mean to be very detailed.
He’s very thorough.
They screened all candidates thoroughly before appointing them.

Answers to activity:

1. He threw the ball at his team mate.
2. I’m very thorough and careful in my work.
3. She’s gone through the whole report.
4. I threw mum a surprise 60th party.
5. They were thorough while negotiating with the agent.


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