Tiny Chat with EJ #3 | Learning English through online conversation | Let's create fluency

Tiny Chat with EJ #3 | Learning English through online conversation | Let's create fluency

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1. Why do I learn English?
I learn English in order to speak with most people on the planet. To find and learn new things very quickly. To understand this world better. To carry the benefit of more people on the planet.

2. Why do I learn Indonesian?
I study Indonesian language in order to communicate with the Indonesian people in their native language. To tell my thoughts to more people. If I know Indonesian, I can learn more unique information from the Indonesian mouth. I will be able to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of this people more closely. To develop my brain.
In order to teach the Indonesian people the English and Russian languages [1000 lessons for each language]

3. Why am I doing reactions?
I do reactions in order to develop my observation skills, the skills of speaking a foreign language, to improve a particular skill (drawing, singing, music, dancing) through observation. And also in order to convey my thoughts to more people. To find a new audience.

4. Why am I making a video?
I make a video in order to: [From the important to the least] Development of all mankind
Creating a legacy
Communication with people
Development of my own skills

5. Why am I learning new skills?
In order for my example to show people how best to act. This helps mankind to develop faster.

6. According to the results, the language I want to talk mainly?
In the language that most people on the planet use. I learn other languages in order to teach other people to speak the LARGEST LANGUAGE [now – is English]

7. What do I want to get on the total?
I want to do what I want. And thus develop mankind.

8. What do i love?
Communication with people
Playing music
Make new
Playing computer games
Having fun


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