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Part 01 – How I Learnt 1000 Words In 30 Days

Tips To Learn 1000 English Words In 30 Days – Part 2 | 1 Simple Trick – How to Speak Fluent English Easily? Aakash #speakfluentenglish #englishspeakingtips #englishvocabulary

Speaking Fluent English takes a lot of practice, but more than that to speak English fluently and confidently faster, you need to learn a lot of new English words and learn how to use them in your daily English lesson. In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi with Aakash, you will learn how to increase your vocabulary and speak fluent English in an easy way. This is part 2 of this vocabulary series, where your English teacher Aakash has shared, how he learnt around 1000 New English words in just 30 days. Follow this simple Trick to improve your English. We are sure these English speaking tips would help you learn English faster and speak English with confidence.

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