Today’s quotes(Rogue One)
Cassian:”Easy! You have news from Jedha. Come on.”
Spy:”An Imperial pilot, one of the cargo drivers… he defected yesterday. He’s telling people they’re making a weapon. The kyber crystals, that’s what they’re for.”
Cassian:”What kind of weapon?”
Spy:”Look, I have to go.”
Cassian:”What kind of weapon?”
Spy:”A planet killer! That’s what he called it!”

Hello, this is Koyama Akio (Star Wars Akio), Japanese, who is providing Star Wars quotes every day, as same as all SW actors/actresses (as similar as possible), to let you learn English with acting SW scenes by all means!

It would be appreciated if you love and support my channel forever. My final goal of the number of movies is 700 (I’ll act all quotes of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Force Awakens”!).

Thank you for your attention.



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