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The new TOEFL Reading section is tough. You have to read three passages that include about 2100 words and answer 30 questions about those passages in just 54 minutes.

TOEFL takers wonder how they can possibly read the texts and answer the questions in such a limited amount of time. After years of trial and error, we have come up with a fool-proof system designed to help students just like you answer every single question in the TOEFL Reading with time to spare.

There are four specific rules to follow:

Rule #1: Take Notes and Circle
Rule #2: Watch the Clock
Rule #3: Never Skip a Question
Rule #4: Review Your Answers

By the end of this short video, you will know exactly what you have to do to ensure that you never miss a single question on the TOEFL Reading.

My name is Josh MacPherson, the head instructor of TST Prep, where our mission is simple, to help you get your TOEFL score as quickly and easily as possible, and today we are going to show you how to answer every question in 54 minutes in the TOEFL Reading.

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  1. it said on the toefl website that the time limit is 54-72 minutes? is it just 54 minutes?

  2. Hi Josh, I have a question. Suppose that the answer is D, E, F, and I answered it as E, D, F. Will this count as a correct answer? Thanks before.

  3. Hey Josh! I watched most of your videos to prepare for the TOEFL test and I got an overall of 99 (my dream score was 78 lol). I can't thank you enough! You are the best 🙂

  4. I did the exam last Friday and got 30 on reading (unofficial score). I watched all of your videos during the last weeks. Thanks a lot!!

  5. Thank you so much, just a querríamos, how do we take notes or circle if we have a based computer test?

  6. i found your channel too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be having my test tomorrow 🙁

  7. Josh you are an angel ? I really didn’t know where to begin. But with all the tips u have shared, I’m confident i will ace the test? Thank you so much.. much love from somalia ??

  8. Hey Josh, I have got a question!
    I hope you'll answer it!
    Let us consider, I got 3 passages in the exam and a total time of 54 minutes!
    If I solve the first 10 questions in 10 minutes, will my remaining time be added up for the next passage or the timer will start counting the next fresh 18 minutes?

  9. Hi Josh, I had a question for you regarding this section. Before moving on with the questions do we need to go through the whole passage & then start answering or you know we just read a paragraph and solve the question relevant to the paragraph on the left screen?

  10. Tomorrow, I have TOFEL and watching this video was really helpful for me. thanks a lot, dear Josh

  11. Hey josh i got a question is it certain that 30 questions will given to us i mean there is no extra question on reading or listening section right?
    Thank you so much

  12. Hey, thanks for the video.
    Sorry to say but could you please change that background sound?

  13. Hello, do I review my answers and see the questions that I circled after I finish the whole test or after each passage ؟

  14. Hey Josh
    I have a question
    Will the time be enough to read the whole passage before starting to answer, or shall we just read the topic sentences and then read the paragraphs along with the questions?

  15. Hey josh! Thank you so much for all your tips and strategies, it really helped me. My scores came out today and I got 86! Much more than I expected.

  16. During test first all passage is display, it is expected that we should look at title and guess organization in a minute? Say Passage might Describe PTC 1) introduction 2) Positives 3) Negatives 4) conclusion. That 1 minute investment will help in summery question and insert text since we know purpose of author for each passage. @TST Prep what are thinks to do as it excepted to happen in test time excluding things mentioned in video.


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