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The TOEFL speaking section is weird. It’s weird for a lot of reasons. However, one reason why it’s weird is that you if you try to sound smart, it will only hurt your score.

That’s weird. And confusing.

In this fourth lesson of the TOEFL speaking section is weird series, founder of Vocabulary Ninja and head teacher at TOEFL Speaking Teacher, Josh MacPherson, discusses why academic vocabulary is problematic to use during the speaking section of the TOEFL and what kinds of words you should use instead.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the TOEFL is a test to see if you are prepared to enter an American university and, believe it or not, Americans don’t like people who sound smart. We prefer people who are straight and direct in their speech.

Watch and learn how to speak like an American so you can sound exactly how you need to sound on test day, like a native speaker.

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