This video contains 6 TOEFL speaking practice questions designed to be just like the real TOEFL exam. It is the same length as a real TOEFL speaking section. Studying for the TOEFL speaking section can be tricky, so we hope these questions help your TOEFL preparation. This TOEFL speaking practice video is over 20 minutes long so make sure you clear enough study time to work through it. This video includes a timer–make sure you do not take extra time! 🙂

The TOEFL speaking section is the shortest section on the TOEFL, totaling only about 20 minutes in length. However, that doesn’t make it any easier! On this section, you’ll answer six questions on various topics, either giving your opinion on a topic, or responding to a passage or recording.

The TOEFL Speaking section looks pretty strange. The first two tasks are fairly straightforward–you just give two short recorded 45-second talks about your life and your opinions. Then the weirdness sets in. On the remaining TOEFL Speaking tasks (referred to as TOEFL Integrated Speaking), you have to read short passages, listen to lectures and conversations, and talk to a computer that’s recording your spoken responses. It can be a real juggling act, so make sure you get all the info and can really visualize all of the TOEFL Speaking Tasks.

Get ready for the TOEFL!

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