This video will show the 5 best translator device of 2018. These device can translate your language in real time. So, please take your time and watch all these gadgets.

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[1] ili – Instant Offline Language Translator
Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [ 4.0 out of 5.0 ]
Full Review –


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[1] Mesay – Two Way AI Translator
→ ??

[2] Clik – Wireless Earbuds With Voice Translation
→ ??

[3] Ili Translator
→ ??
→ ??
→ ??

[4] Langogo – Pocket Translator
→ ??
→ ??

[5] WT2 Translator
→ ??


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  1. So I walk up to a stranger and try to convince them, (as a strangerrrrr) to put these things in their ear??
    The owners need to go back to the drawing board on this!

  2. I spoke clearly, paced normally and annunciated every syllable into the Zero Translator (Idiegogo). English to Mexican Spanish. It missed words and misheard what I said just about as badly as the online Google text translator does. After waiting months to get this thing through crowdfunding. Also, the USB Type C charge port requirement eliminates MOST of the best quality phones out there. USB Micro Ports are on many of the BEST flagship phones (like Galaxy S10). Online lists of USB Type C phones are dismal in quality, nothing I would want to buy. Then I spent forever getting search engines to understand what kind of charge port adapter I needed to fit the Zero into my phone. Pages of adapters. None being the one I typed in. That was because that particular adapter doesn't have a big market. When one was finally found, it wasn't an OTC. OTC capability is required for the Zero USB Type C to adapt to a micro USB port android 7.0 phone. Finally I found the OTC adapter on E-Bay. Then discover Zero is just about as bad as Google Translate. I'm not impressed with all the over excited up-selling and marketing I'm seeing in the Zero YouTube videos. I'm feeling a bit scammed at this point.

  3. AN ALMOST 14 MINUTE COMMERCIAL! AT LEAST ON TV, THEY'RE ONLY 60 SECONDS TOPS! YouTube has quickly become a vast junkyard of mail order CRAP!

  4. A total stranger is going to let you stick something in their ear, for you, a total stranger? Who was the idiot who came up with this idea and has he been fired yet?

  5. I've ust watched this video and at no point can I see a mention of the name of the number 1 rates translator

  6. Idiots would but this, genius will download Google translator app for free

  7. I never engage commentary that has to have distracting and confusing music playing in the background. It makes it harder for the 60 + crowd.

  8. That little device should be standard office equipment Bye bye Bilingual people..Now all Americans can get any job without being bilingual. ?? just speak into the device I'll be right w it you!… You can have a seat over there. LOL??We need only One bilingual person in the office not ten of you. You people will not replace Black people in the U.S. We qualify for any job regardless of our ability to speak a foreign language.

  9. These gadgets are a TOTAL rip-off. Beware, they promise simple conversations CRAP. P5000+ to the Garbage Can


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