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The City vs The Country

I like living in cities more than the country because I like the crowndiness of people all busy walking around and especially like going to clubs, being with many people and talking to new people is something that I live very much.

I think ideally I’d like to do both, so have, be rich and have a house in the country and and a house in the city and spend my weekdays in the country, in a stone house, and go to the city on weekends and party.

Well, I’ve lived in very big cities for most of my life: Tokyo, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and now is the first time ever that I’ve lived in the country and I’m finding that I like it a lot better. I have time to do things that I could never do in the city, like play guitar or even read the news, and I’m enjoying a peaceful lifestyle a lot more than the busy city life.

United States
If I wanted to live in the city or country, I’d have to say nowadays, in the city. I grew up in the country in a very small farm and it was kind of boring. I enjoyed the clean air and the wildlife around but it was boring. The city is much more exciting and a lot more to do and see and experience, so by and large, the city for me is the way to go.

United States
I would rather live in the countryside because I’m from the islands and and everythings more peaceful, relax, and time seems to go by slowly. Compared to the city, it seems like every one is in a rush, moving around fast, trying to get things done as soon as possible, that’s why I’d rather live in the countryside.

I think that living in the city would be so much better than living in the country. I like being active, and I like going out so living in the country would be, I would think, boring, compared to the city.



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