IELTS: a four skills assessment ,evaluates the level of English based on Listening,Reading,Writing and Speaking.



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  3. There are two ways to give IELTS these days. One is on computers and the other one is manually in handwriting on paper. Which way you recommend most because I heard that on the computer the test is evaluated by software and this software matches the EXACT word if there is a space or a full stop in the word it will mark it wrong. Please confirm which way is good for new IELTS takers?

  4. My IELTS expires in june2020 and want to apply for sept 2020 my agent says you can do that as IELTS should be valid before visa application in Canada is it true?

  5. It's really great easiest way that you described. It's really helpful for a beginner but you uploaded just two vedio.That's not good.plz uploaded more vedio that's we learn easily. Thank you.


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