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Unlocking Russian Pronunciation is a comprehensive multimedia experience designed to facilitate the development of speech that sounds authentically Russian. Over the course of ten lessons, Unlocking Russian Pronunciation helps students:

1. Reset their default mouth position
2. Move from basic knowledge of Cyrillic to mastery of the rules of phonetics
3. Learn seven well-known Russian songs (although singing them is completely optional!)

The book and the accompanying online videos together comprise a flipped classroom learning experience that can minimize the burden of phonetics instruction for Russian language teachers. The book and videos together can also function as a stand-alone phonetics course for students studying Russian independently.

Unlocking Russian Pronunciation consists of:

  • This book, which serves as a textbook/workbook/reference manual
  • A set of online video lessons corresponding to each of the topics presented in the book
  • A set of online videos providing detailed talk-throughs of the lyrics of each song
  • A set of online videos containing performances of the songs, featuring lyrics and guitar chords displayed in real time


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