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Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 60 : Jeopardize

Have you ever felt threatened due to something or someone? Or have you felt that something is going to harm you? The word jeopardize basically means to be in a situation or to put someone into a situation which is dangerous and harmful.
It also means to take a risk that may prove to be harmful which in turn can endanger your position. To jeopardize a situation or an activity, means to do something that may lead to destruction or failure. When something is at stake, it means it is jeopardized.
For example, drunk drivers always jeopardize the lives of others, as their irrational driving can lead to fatal accidents, endangering innocent lives.

As the word jeopardy shows the action of threatening or harming, it is a verb.

Example 01 : To make big bucks quickly, the stuntman jeopardized his life by performing deadly stunts in the film.

Example 02 : John worked extremely hard for his medical entrance examination, as failure in this exam could jeopardize his whole future.

Example 03: Experts say the drastic reduction in the white tiger’s population could jeopardize their future survival.

Example 04 : Mary has lost her glow and charm and looks very pale,  as her health has been jeopardized due to the stress at work.

Example 05 : The event manager told his marketing team, “Lack of sponsorship would jeopardize the execution of our event.”

Example 06 : Suzie told Jenny, ” if I tell Peter about my past affair with his best friend, it will definitely jeopardize my current relationship.”

Example 07 : Even after repeated warnings Mary has jeopardized her job by being persistently unpunctual.

Example 08 : When my friend Sheela asked me for a small financial help, I obliged her as I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship.

Example 09 : Commercial fishing has not only jeopardized the health of marine eco systems but has also left less scope for recreational fishing.

Example 10 : The doctor advised Judy not to jeopardize her health any further by aiming to be a size zero.

Example 11 : a sudden fall in the share market has jeopardized the position of big investors and left them feeling helpless.



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