With SoapBox Labs voice technology for kids, 5 year old Nancy has fun learning to speak English with confidence. Our voice tech listens while Nancy speaks out loud and then scores her pronunciation for accuracy, encouraging her to keep practicing to earn even higher scores. (Video is thanks to Lingumi, who use our technology in their English learning platform)

SoapBox Labs develops award-winning voice technology for kids modeled on their speech patterns and behaviors. Proprietary and built from the ground up, our accurate, safe and age-appropriate voice technology powers immersive remote learning and play experiences, including literacy and language learning tools, for kids ages 3 to 12 years.

To access our 90 Day Free Trial API, view demos, download reports, or to learn more about how our voice technology powers educational and entertainment products for kids, go to www.SoapBoxLabs.com or email us: Hello@SoapBoxLabs.com.



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