What Do You See? Song Wild Animals | 3D Rhymes | Learn English Kids

Learn 8 Animal names and join Matt, Monkey, Zebra, Giraffe and more fun animals in this special 3D Animated Song Adventure! What is the surprise hiding behind the bush? Is that a Lion? Run! Can you hear any animal sounds? Lyrics below!

I made this video as a special Thank You to the Dream English Kids fans! Thanks for your support from around the world.

A very BIG thanks to Pratik and team at Weybec Studios for their awesome animation!

Please visit www.dreamenglish.com to download for free over 100 kids songs and chants.

Teacher Tip: Pause the video at the end when you see all of the animals together. Ask your students, ” What do you see?” and point to each animal!

Original Song written and recorded by Matt. Animation by Weybec.
Video and characters copyright Dream English, LLC 2016.


What do you see, what do you see?
a monkey, I see a monkey
a zebra, I see a zebra
a giraffe, I see a giraffe

What do you see? a lion? I see a lion! run!

(repeat with lizard, elephant, tiger, crocodile)


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