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How did people start growing so many different kinds of crops?
The Mundas believe they know who helped!

What should Soma grow?
Written by: Munda Writers’ Group
Once there was an old man
named Soma.
He would eat fruits
from the trees in the forest.
One day
while he was wandering about,
he came to a stream.
“Why don’t you start farming?”
the stream said to him.
So that’s what he did.
Old man Soma
cleared some trees
on both sides of the stream,
tilled the land
and sowed some oats.
When the oats were ripe,
a squirrel came along to eat them.
“Why are you eating my oats?”
Soma asked the squirrel.
“If you’d grown horse-gram,
I wouldn’t have eaten them,”
answered the squirrel.
So Old man Soma
sowed some horse-gram in his field.
When the horse-gram was ripe,
a deer came along to eat it.
“Why are you eating my horse-gram?”
Soma asked the deer.
“If you’d grown corn,
I wouldn’t have eaten it,”
said the deer.
So Old man Soma
sowed some corn on his land.
A little while later,
a parrot came along
to eat the corn.
“Why are you eating my corn?”
Soma asked the parrot.
“If you’d grown peanuts,
I wouldn’t have eaten them,”
said the parrot.
Old man Soma
then sowed some peanuts.
A few days later,
a jackal came along
to eat the peanuts.
“Why are you eating my peanuts?”
Soma asked the jackal.
“If you’d grown sweet potatoes,
I wouldn’t have eaten them,”
replied the jackal.
So Old man Soma set off
to sow some sweet potatoes.
Soon after that,
a hog came along
to eat the sweet potatoes.
“Why are you eating
my sweet potatoes?”
Soma asked the hog.
“If you’d grown sesame,
I wouldn’t have eaten them,”
said the hog.
So Old man Soma
sowed some sesame.
This is how Soma learned to grow
different kinds of crops.
He and the animals
lived happily ever after.
Do you like to eat these things too?

Story: Munda Writers’ Group
Illustrations: Deepta Nangia
Music: Rajesh Gilbert
Narration: Akash Kothari, Bernadette Joseph & Tara Kothari
Animation: BookBox

This story has been provided for free under the CC-BY license by Pratham Books, which is a not-for-profit children’s books publisher with a mission to see “A book in every child’s hand”. Visit http://www.prathambooks.org/ and http://blog.prathambooks.org/p/cc-tracker.html to know more. Artwork has been adapted from the original book while the animation, music and narration have all been done by BookBox. This story artwork is originally illustrated by Sugrib Kumar Juanga.

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