What”s your New Year’s resolution?

New Year’s Eve

is always a time for looking back at the year that is finishing and, more importantly, looking forward to the coming year.

The end of a year is a great time to concentrate on English verb tenses… What things did you do last year? What things will you do next year?

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34 thoughts on “What”s your New Year’s resolution?

  1. What's are your resolutions for 2019. O my friend these things mean we are growing older and older . Soon you and I will be on sticks if the same continue for the next 30 years. 30 days of celebration will make us weak.

  2. In terms of a resolution… I would like get better at my life management. Take control of my own destiny. Plus I would l to like to get some prototypes made in thought of concepts. An also get prepared for cleaning, yard and handyman work… Have my truck in good working order and build a foundation of clientele as a sub contractor. An then the overall goal of leading my thoughts to market in terms of concepts… Towards the possibility of a shelf life.

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