Answering the biggest question of this generation. Why do Americans suck at languages?
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  1. Yeah sure… You're lying to us! No American can speak 7 languages!

    Just kidding… I'm a language teacher myself and it's very hard for me to encourage the kids to learn anything unless they're getting interested in pop-culture… So I watch Series with them, give them recommendations, talk with them about things they're interested in… Again, it's hard but my students like learning German and English and from time to time some kids are even interested in Japanese and Korean… Some of the graduates even thank me for being an inspiration, but for me it's just part of the fun…

    I for myself enjoy japanese and korean music and I occasionally watch series and read the news in the language I want to learn… It's Korean now and although it's kinda hard I feel so good when I finally understand something… Next will be Chinese but I'm not sure, if I'm able to learn the tones properly without being exposed to chinese culture because I'm only interested in the language itself and nothing else…

  2. Has anyone else called you out for saying what the United States has to offer is tacos? Which are from…… Mexico!!

  3. It's tough when we have so many old ass people here who discriminate against people who speak another language. I have seen so many times when a family who came here (legally) from mexico speaks with an accent, even if their english is actually pretty good, but we have these old white people telling them to go back where they belong. We are so stuck on only speaking "the best language", english, that we shut out all other languages which causes issues, despite english not being the official language

  4. If an American learned a new language that means he/she wouldn't be racist anymore so there is your answer

  5. hahahahahahaaha, where is all the props to that President Obeeema impersonation? That pause, you killed it.

  6. In my school district, although we only learn Spanish and French, our teachers are quite well. But I am able to agree that some teacher don't care and just want to get paid and not make people that successful or energetic.

  7. I'm bilingual (Spanish and English) and I want to learn ASL. Then after that Japanese, I like talking to new people and seeing different POV. It kinda makes me panic that I cant understand or connect to people? Like I'm missing out on so much.

  8. None of my spanish teachers could teach me a word of spanish but I learned a few words from my friends translating a word once and it was able to stick

  9. You hit the nail on the head saying that an interest in the culture plays a big part. If you're just interested in anime, for example, you watch lots of it in Japanese, and through it you find yourself wanting to learn more about the actual culture of Japan, maybe you end up making Japanese friends, picking up some words here and there, and eventually, you'll find yourself stringing sentences together – incorrectly, probably, but at least you'll be understood. Learning this way is natural and it's easy.

  10. Ya know, russians suck at languages too when it comes to their socholar system of studying it. Literaly 2/3 of my friends are speaking english bad just because they haven't been taught well back in the school. You are not able to learn it properly here because of this. Nobody speaking it and you don't have a real practice talk with natives

  11. basically its all about motivation. if you enjoy the movies, T.V. show, music, etc hearing in different language. don't be afraid learning new things.

  12. 3:32 Wait.. So u're telling me.. u get 2 years befor ur teacher starts speaking full spanish? (same with my french classes) My Teacher speaks full spanish only since class one.. (I live in germany)
    I mean I do understand some but only bc I had french for 4 years in the past and it helps me alot. BUT MY CLASS IS SUFFERING. Our spanish grades are sooooo low bc no one understands a word of her hyper speed spanish. I try my best and translate some stuff others didn't get.. but damn

  13. Listen to me … LISTEN TO ME! Do not under any circumstances watch Indian drama shows! You'll lose brain cells watching them. Btw India has like 500 different languages where many of them aren't even in the same language family so gotta know where to start. I suggest starting with Hindi, then maybe dravidian languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam etc. I suggest watching indie or non-Bollywodd movies as they are pestered with superficiality that will make you ask yourself: "How do these poor actors even manage to act without bursting of laughter about how hilariously these serieses are?". Indie movies tend to be more flexible, interesting and a wider range of appeal.

  14. Should we watch content from different countries with subtitles or without subtitles?
    I'm asking because I've been living in Turkey for 3 years now and my Turkish is below average. Like i can speak a bit but not good or fluently. Originally, I'm from Pakistan.


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