English is a language as other languages. It is not a measuring scale where you can measure a person’s intelligence and abilities just over good command of english. If a person can’t speak english fluently, it doesn’t mean that he is not capable enough to achieve something in his life. 

Does english make you intelligent? Absolutely not, it wouldn’t appropriate to say that english is a measure of intelligence. People who are successful in their life despite they can’t speak in english. So it is not a compulsion that you need to learn english in order to be successful in your life.

But on the other hand, we can’t deny today’s reality that english has become necessity of ours life. There are huge number of countries where English is spoken as official language and enormous number of people speak english as their mother tongue in spite of living in non english native countries. So english is a global language. In 67 countries english is spoken as native language. English doesn’t make you intelligence, However if you have sharp mind and you can speak english in my opinion it is icing on the cake. 

1. In today’s life we all know that india has become digital, and even pandemic has made us all sit at home. Everyone has moved on internet. We had never thought that we would have to face this situation, in this era only survival english can also help us to move ahead on internet. You need to know english even for money transaction. So only survival english can also help you, if you are not a fluent speak. 

2. Having good command of english opens many gates of opportunities in your life. If you have been longing for your dream job in an international company, it has more chances to get that job if you are fluent in it. English helps you to consider be a highly educated. You can get certain things only basis of english. 

3. Today’s generation is highly advance, Schools are using advance technology to teach students. They are providing them advance education. You can help your children in their studies, and even in certain schools your kid can’t enroll in such schools if you are not educated enough.

4. English helps you in your career. If you can speak english fluently and if you can write it. You could have more chances to get great opportunities. Even you can build your career in abroad. You can get high position in your job. If you search on google you will come across such various ideas about your career in english. 

English is most used and spoken in business, science and technology. We need to learn it. Mostly websites are written and created in english. 

English boosted my confidence to large extent. Most of the people consider me an educated person despite i didn’t even go to college for a day. And for such person who have never been to college for graduation, for them it is not less than privilege that they can stand amongst those people who are educated, only a language helping me out. A single language can help you to accomplish your goals. I am writing a post in english, so here english is helping me to do something in this competitive world.

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