Xiaomi DuYaYa Pro English learning machine.Xiaomi DuYaYa English learning machine Pro

Xiaomi English learning machine http://got.by/3j720x
In the process of creating the device, the developers started from the generally accepted American curriculum CCSS. The novelty is aimed at users from China. However, the high level of sales of this product can contribute to the launch of the global version.

Xiaomi Du Fu Al Pro
Conventionally, the entire course is divided into 24 main sections. Children will be offered 184 interactive lessons. After completing the training course, the child will learn more than 1000 words in English. Interactive learning format was developed with the assistance of professional teachers. Voice exercises were recorded with the participation of native speakers. Therefore, lessons are learned much more effectively.

Of course, a key component of the device for learning English is the voice assistant. Simply say the appropriate phrase to start watching the cartoon in English or translate a certain word. Xiaomi Duyaya – a special device for learning English, equipped with a 4-inch display. The screen resolution is 1136×640 pixels. High definition images are guaranteed.

The device is equipped with a built-in 7800mah lithium battery. Therefore, long-term autonomy is guaranteed. The gadget will work without recharging for 8 hours or 3 days in energy saving mode. The novelty will go on sale in pink and blue.


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