Please watch: ” Looking for job to unknown city // अज्ञात शहर में नौकरी की तलाश”
If you want to speak English, you need to fix it that you will must learn speaking English after you will leave it. You will must reach your target.
You need to give time for that, you need to keep patient for that , you will accept all difficulties go through the learning procedure.
Don’t focus on your mistakes at the time of speaking/Listening. Don’t memorised grammatical rules,Don’t follow any text books,Don’t translate from Native Language to English/ English to native language at the time of speaking/listening.
Channel URL

English Speaking Learner on Internet and don’t watch delay process

Give Time For Speaking English

Know something if you want to use listening process for Speaking English

Change your thinking from native to English

Computer Parts / computer parts video

Speak English Naturally / Learn speaking English by yourself

Save changes Speaking English Learner Listen More Times

Speaking English Learner Listen More Times

Speaking English Learners Mistakes

Speaking English Learner Do Not Take Wrong Way

English Speaking Learner do not force to speak

Return to editing Speaking Confidence / Increase you wish for speaking eng

Naturally Learn Speaking English

Return to editing Learn English By Listening only / how I will speak English?



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